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This has helped my elderly dog with his joint pain and fur. He loves the taste and has a better quality of life. "

- Morgan

More than just relief...

Natural support for healthy joints and mobility. Unleash your pet's inner playful self.

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Our pawsome benefits include

Shiny and healthy looking coat
Alleviates pain & inflammation
reduces epileptic episodes
alleviates anxiety & stress
Princess Fiona
Grace Goss

Don't take our word, take theirs

I have a senior large breed dog with severe arthritis in the shoulders. I do not want to give him chemical painkillers on a frequent basis and the oil has been a game changer for him.
Have been using it for about 4 Months now. My dog is visibly less anxious and has more joint mobility ( she is already a senior dog). I will recommend this product to any pet owner.
Our senior Spaniel is doing extremely well since we started giving him the Norwegian salmon oil drops at night. His mood has improved and the arthritic symptoms are much better. The team at JOOCYM are a pleasure to talk to and be helped by!
see wonders within the first week. their coats aren't mattered as much. with a main coon breed the undercoat tends to get mattered and fast but this seems to be helping, as well as with shedding


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