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Yolanda M.

After testing positive with Covid-19 in June 2021 I was left with all kinds of horrible side effects which my GP diagnosed as “Long Covid”. In September 2021 I decided to start using the Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD Oil Tincture sold by JooCym. Yes, there was a bit of uncertainty trying something new, but I just needed to get back to where I was pre Covid-19 and to get rid of the frustration I was feeling regarding my health and physical strength. I started with 2 drops the morning and 2 drops late afternoon. The following day I realized that there were side effects that I did not feel during the entire day, and these were side effects that stopped me from being productive at home and at the office after my Covid isolation period ended. I highly recommend the JooCyM products it relieved my insomnia, constipation, pain, inflammation, fatigue, and anxiety, and my energy levels started getting back to normal. Since I’ve seen the product on Takealot I’ve purchased more so that I always have an extra bottle of the product on hand. I also find the JooCym posts on social media very helpful and very informative. All the best with your business venture JooCym


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2 months ago I used the CBD broad spectrum oil for stress and anxiety and the amazing cool muscle rub. But I just discovered the bath salts and I am in love. My shoulders and neck were a mess but I have been pain free since using the bath salts. I have also downloaded the app to see what other goodies they have.


Absolutely wonderful products. I started using the pet CBD for my animals. My dog loves it :-)

Meg Petersen

Affordable prices and a great selection of products. My personal favorite is the soft gels.

Petor Creatives

Been so under pressure with work and stuff that aches are trying to find me lol...🙆
Been Using this product and it's been amazing instant relief after a good massage not selling Just deserve to smile for Reals🍓💕
Not in pain...


Been using the product for about a week. I've seen a marked improvement in the softness and thicknesses of my beard. Stays neater for longer and less irritation on my skin when wearing masks for extended periods. High quality ingredients at a decent price.


Bought CBD oil for my cats to keep in their medicine cabinet. Works well for them when needs to be used.


Bought for my husband who suffers from anxiety and sleep issues. This helps him unwind and relax when hes very stressed


CBD BEARD BALM is highly recommended, I've seen a huge difference since using the product. Definitely will be purchasing more products, exceptional service all around.


Definitely a quality product. It has helped me with my insomnia, anxiety and has boosted my energy levels. 10/10 for the product plus the service


Derma roller is a very good product and safe to use at home.


Didn't expect that this porduct would help my nephew but is does and we are happy with the product.


Ek gebruik magnesium lotion vir my rustelose been, dit help baie, ek gaan nie eers meer vir my kortisoon inspuiting nie. En dit is iets wat ek amper elke masnd gasn kry het


Ek het die warme salf aan my elmboog gesmeer en ek kan met eerlikheid se daar is sommer vinnig 'n verligting. Ek werk in 'n koel kamer, so my elmboog gee my gereeld probleme na my ongeluk. Ek gebruik die salf gereeld en deur dit gebruik ek baie minder pyn pille.


Excellent quality! This is the 2nd one I have purchased to gift to another family member


Good product at a reasonable price


Great Product-helps me relax


Grooms and maintains my beard so well. Perfect texture for beards.


Had to top up on my energy boosters and my body ache relievers. Amazing product!


Have been using it for about 4 Months now. My dog is visibly less anxious and has more joint mobility ( she is already a senior dog). I will recommend this product to any pet owner.


Have bought this product for third time now. I find it helps a great deal.
It is expensive- worth the money.


High recommend this product. Its slightly heavier than most (15mg vs 10mg) and the taste is far better than any of the others I have tried. Although, the gummies are a lot smaller, which I was not expecting.


Highly recommended. It serves it purpose 100%


I am really impressed with this product. I have problems sleeping and saw this product and thought that I would try it. It definitely works and I will definitely purchase it again in the future


I bought the CBD arnica oil and magnesium rub. Every year when I visit Cape Town nite market I have to visit this store. Janelle and her hubby are true gems. The arnica oil really helps with all aches and pain. They were even kind enough to come and deliver the other product. Thank so much..

Yumna Samodien

I bought this product to help with my dogs' severe separation anxiety. 3 drops on a biscuit works like a miracle. I will definitely use it during firework season as well


I felt very calm and less anxious after using this product, the tension in my back and shoulders loosened up too. Has very subtle effects, and will not intoxicate you. It does not taste great under the tongue so I mix mine into my morning coffee. If you need something to help you with sleep deprivation this product is not that strong enough but otherwise, this product does work.


I found this product good. It really helps my adhd brain sleep. But I do need to say you have to be patient it'll take about a week to feel the effects. It is not super strong but just enough to feel some peace and sleep properly.


I had back pain and was unable to sleep for weeks. I started taking this cbd oil, and my pain started subsiding within a few days. Plus, my sleep has improved.


I had back pain for a few days that would not go away or get better. I realized I had bought the oil and applied it to the affected area yesterday about 3 times throughout the day. This morning I woke up to no pain. Can't believe how effective this is.


I have a senior large breed dog with severe arthritis in the shoulders. I do not want to give him chemical painkillers on a frequent basis and the CBD oil has been a game changer for him.


I have used the oil for menstruation pain and I am so impressed. Very effective for pain management. An added benefit us that a no longer feel sluggish during menstruation. It also improved sleep and general mood. Love this!


I highly recommend Joocym products. The 100mg oil and soft gels has done wonders for my sleeping pattern, back pain and knee pain from an old injury. They are cost effective which is another super plus


I love it. works like a charm


I purchased the Arnica CBD Rub, I felt a noticeable difference with continues use, especially neck, shoulders and lower back area. Once applied I felt comfort within minutes. Last year I fell on my knee, I messaged Chad and asked for guidance, he was caring and provided me with suggestions, which I highly appreciated. Grateful to have found this product range! Thank you Chad for your kindness and for creating products made with care!


I struggled with inflammation and ingrown hairs on my face. I've found a few products that worked over the years but they are no longer available. I tested out this beard oil which works well and smells awesome! Recommend this product to anyone who is struggling to grow or maintain their beard. Thanks Joocym


I suffer anxiety disorder and inflammed cartilage, your products have helped me a great deal whether I'm taking in some drops or topical application for pain and inflammation.❤️


I was temporarily paralyzed in my early 20's. Now being near 40, managing back issues and pain isn't as easy as it was. Before CBD oil became available, life was a painkiller to painkiller cycle. I'm unbelievably grateful for Joocym finally making this a locally sourced product made available within SA. No more painkillers and medication, just an easier, and healthier lifestyle. It's literally been a game changer for me.


I would highly recommend JooCym products, it has truly been a game changer for me. I have been using your oil for a while and it has done wonders for my constant chronic pain. I would recommend this to people who suffers from endometriosis/pcos. The staff is also friendly and helpful. Plus the products it's cost effective which is a super plus.❤


I would recommend this product for healthier skin and anxiety. Very good product


I've been making an hair growth oil with one of the ingredients being the cbd isolate oil and I've been getting so much positive feedback from my clients. Definitely one thing I'll keep on using in my oils.

Charm Allure

I've had the best sleep ever since using this product 😌


If you struggle to fall asleep or with anxiety, I could not recommend the Isolate oil enough!!! It's relieved my anxiety and I’ve been using it to assist at night to sleep. I also sleep so well. I wish I found Joocym’s products sooner!


It feels good on the scalp, perfect for a brush cut cheeskop


It's exactly what I expected


Love this product make my beard soft


My husband loves it. It smells nice e as well.


My wife is enjoying the CBD massage oil. She is very happy with the purchase.


Nice Beard Oil, Will always have this on hand, Beard is Super soft and neat


Our senior Spaniel is doing extremely well since we started giving him the Norwegian salmon oil CBD drops at night. His mood has improved and the arthritic symptoms are much better. The team at JOOCYM are a pleasure to talk to and be helped by!


Over a year ago I bought the same from a market and have been giving it to my basset for her epileptic fits. Fantastic!!! Her fits slowed to 1 fit every 3 to 4 months as opposed to weekly. I have continued with CBD Oil from a chemist which is okayish but I am sure yours it better.


Perfect for the big bearded. Really massages the skin and comes the beard thoroughly.


Since I've start using this oil, I've noticed an significant difference in the way my body functions. The first thing was my ability to have the most peaceful sleep in more years then I can remember. I've got less stiffness in my joints and my arthritis has improved by bounds. I've been told I'm snoring less than usual as well. This product has really been a blessing to me. I would highly recommend it🙂


So I took a break from Joocym cbd oil for no reason, just because I wanted to try this other famous brand. Hate to say that I'm back home with the tail between my legs. All I can say is that I've missed the pain-free days, anxiety-free days and uninterrupted sleep.


The Arnica CBD Muscle Rub is fantastic! I originally bought one for my elderly mom who had a nasty fall. She told me that her pain was gone after 2 days of using the product. I then purchased one for myself, and definitely agree how fast acting it is. It eases muscle pain without leaving any residue on your skin after application which I really appreciate. The massage oils are also fantastic. Very relaxing and smells great. I have the best sleep after using these products. I highly recommend these products to everyone I know, as I keep going back for more👌


The CBD Oil Tincture is amazing! I've been using it for about a week and can already feel a difference. I wake up without feeling sluggish and actually have more energy to burn. I also had a neck spasm for a few days before using the oil, and when using the product, it got better within a day. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has random aches, bad sleeping patterns or suffer from those "forever tired" bodies 😁 Joocym, Thank You


The CBD THC-free soft gels have been a game-changer for my mom. What a phenomenal product! She experiences pain and tingling in her feet and used a strong pain tablet in the morning and evening to cope. After just a few days of using Joocym’s CBD soft gels, she was able to replace her morning pain tablet with a CBD soft gel. With this replacement, she also now generally has more energy! We’re down one pain tablet and I look forward to more progress. Me, my mom and her organs cannot thank Joocym enough for creating such a great product! An overall wholesome brand with so many more products I cannot wait to try.


The aloe lotion helps relieve the itchiness in my legs caused by cellulitis. I've been using it for about 2 months now


The cramps in my body kept me from living my daily life. I started using the CBD oil and it helped manage my pain and cramps. It has really helped me get back on track.


The owners are knowledgeable and so helpful. My products arrived quickly and in such amazing packaging.


The pain in my shoulders is definitely less when I’ve applied the rub. To be honest I was quite surprised as so often natural remedies promise relief but don’t deliver.


The website was very user friendly and fast. It's an awesome product and it works for all those aches and pain.


These products are absolutely amazing. It helps almost instantly for any pain with no side effects.


This CBD oil has helped me with my anxiety and spinal cord, I suffer from chronic pain. It has minimised it


This cbd oil works but it is not aggressive it does the job


This has helped my elderly dog with his joint pain and fur. He loves the taste and has a better quality of life


This oil has been amazing and has helped me manage my anxiety and has greatly reduced my panic attacks. It is easy to use and there is no aftertaste which I have experienced with other brands. I will 100% recommend this product.


This product helps my hair and beard grow. My beard hair is softer and doesn't break off like before.

Definitely recommend this product!


This tool does exactly what it's supposed to, already seeing results.


Your one-stop shop for affordable, effective and premium CBD products that will change your life

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