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A foreign language... (Part 4)

The dog seemed in good spirits at this point.

She had fewer nightmares, was very affectionate, and just wanted to lick or hug us 24/7.

With her fur growing back, hugs were an issue because my clothes would be covered in fur, and I would look like a snowman.

Since she was feeling better I thought it would be best to get her trained. Especially if she was staying with us for the time being.

I started with discipline.

Before feeding her I would first get her to sit.

For the first couple of weeks, things went smoothly.

After a while when it came to feeding time, instead of sitting, she would lay on the ground and want me to rub her tummy.

It was amusing at first, but I wondered why she wasn't listening...

Later, I also noticed that if I walked up behind her she wouldn't know I was there and freak out when I touched her.

At this point, her ears were fully healed but it seemed she couldn't hear that well.

I did a few ear tests and it seemed she couldn't hear about 90% of the time. I wasn't sure if the ear infection had caused this or if she had a pre-existing condition.

At this point, I started teaching her using hand signals and she got the hang of it very quickly.

My wife and I decided to keep her and name her...

(More on this in the next blog - Beach Trip! - Part 5)

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