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Beach Trip! (Part 5)

After deciding to keep her, we had to pick a name.

She was a warrior and a survivor, so we named her Athena.

To think only a few months ago she came to us bruised and broken, now she was living a normal life.

Athena Before | Day 1 - 18 October 2022

Symptoms included:

Demodectic mange






Athena After | Day 144 - 14 June 2023

Current condition:

Demodectic mange fully healed

Less pain

Less anxiety

Reduced sleeplessness

Reduced nightmares

Normal weight

We were inspired by Athena’s miraculous recovery and decided to make a product specifically for pets.

We developed our Cod Liver and Norwegian Salon oil for pet parents to use and help keep their pets healthy and in great shape.

Here's a review from one of our clients

"Have been using it for about 4 months now. My dog is visibly less anxious and has more joint mobility (she is already a senior dog). I will recommend this product to any pet owner." - Chantell

Although Chantell used our Norwegian Salmon, Athena loved cod liver; it was her favorite!

We decided it was time to take her to Muizenberg Beach.

I took her for walks to the shop, but we hadn’t attempted to get her into a car since she arrived. However, this time, we succeeded!

Before we left home, we gave her some pet oil to keep her calm, but she still seemed a bit anxious…

As soon as we started driving she kept looking out the back window trying to remember where we were.

After a while, she embraced the new adventure and seemed to calm down...

(More on this in the next blog, coming soon!)

Thinking about getting products for your pet, click the button below for more information

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