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Abandoned, but not alone... (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 26

I had seen a large white dog in our area the past few days and had never seen her before.

She seemed a bit lost and was looking for food.

The dog had disappeared. I didn't expect to see her again until she showed up in my yard days later, and I offered her my help without hesitation.

I had a few theories about how she ended up here and was confirmed by what she did next...

We tried to get her into the back of the car and take her to the vet for treatment.

After two attempts, we failed... She ran to the backyard and hid in the grass.

My first theory is that she was likely brought here by car, kicked out, and left behind.

We decided not to take her anywhere and treat her at home using CBD oil and other home remedies.

We contacted a company called Fresh Pets and got them out to get her cleaned up. She was surprisingly calm and non-threatening, even after meeting five new people.

Fresh Pets went above and beyond to help the dog. She looked and acted like a brand-new dog, and we were so grateful for their help. After being with us only for a few hours she felt right at home.

We had no place for a dog and made a plan in the backyard with some building materials we had lying around. We built a temporary shelter for her to rest and not have to worry about where she would have to sleep.

In the first week of her arrival, I worked from home and spent most of my day in the garage with her. We treated her with our 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil in her food and Savlon to treat her wounds and infected ears.

She was severely sleep-deprived and malnourished and slept most of the day.

What I discovered next was a bit alarming...

(More on this in the next blog - Things are looking up... Part 3)

Read Part Three Now

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