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Things are looking up... (Part 3)

Updated: Apr 4

The dog seemed at ease with us and her new environment.

After she was cleaned by Fresh Pets

I worked from home for the week and spent most of my day in the garage with her while she slept.

It became clear that she was experiencing intense emotional distress resulting from her physical injuries.

I watched her daily and suspected that she had been used to breed. Her stomach was loose and hung very low, a common sign of a recent pregnancy.

My mind wondered where she could have been because she had frequent nightmares and woke up in a state of panic. I would make sure I was nearby to reassure her that she was safe with us, only then she could fall asleep.

All this was hard to see at this stage.

I thought she was so nice and friendly, what type of person could do this to her?

Eventually, I thought the past didn't matter and took comfort in knowing that she was safe with us.

So I got to work!

We went to get some supplies, gloves, gauze, and an anti-septic.

I immediately started treating her with 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil in her food and Savlon to treat her wounds and infected ears. It was a daily struggle but things started to clear up after a few weeks.

Her fur started growing back, she had fewer nightmares, and she started gaining weight. Infections started to heal with daily CBD treatments, water, and most importantly love and care.

Everything seemed to be looking up, and then we discovered something else...

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