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A big white tail? (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 26

In October of 2022, an unfamiliar sound caught my attention.

It was coming from our front yard...

I looked out the window and could only see a white tail sticking out, and assumed it was one of the neighborhood cats.

I went outside to check why the cat was crying...

I was surprised to find a large white dog. It seemed she had jumped over my neighbor's wall into our yard. She was crying because she was in a strange place with no way out.

After watching her for a few minutes on camera, it became clear she needed help. I placed a water bowl in the backyard and waited, hoping she would come around.

At this point, I was still unsure if she was friendly. She drank the water, and I looked at her and asked if she was okay. She looked up at me and started wagging her tail.

That's my answer, right?

This was our first interaction, and she seemed friendly.

Eventually, I built up the courage to go outside and check her physical condition, which wasn't good. She had missing fur patches, inflamed skin, and various infections on parts of her body and both ears.

Our first Meeting
Our First Meeting

Despite all this, she seemed to be in good spirits. She was friendly, courteous, and well-behaved, which was odd considering her current condition.

After discovering some leftover food, I gave it to her.

Within minutes, she had licked the bowl completely clean.

At this stage, we tried to get her into the car and take her to the nearest vet for treatment.

We didn't realize what a struggle that would be...

Want to know more? Read Part Two Now

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